Chungha Is Relatable AF When It Comes To Sleeping

The staff got to go home early, thanks to Chungha!

While singer Chungha is fierce on stage, she’s quite different off of it. Chungha has shared many times that when she has a break, she likes to do nothing.

Chungha once showed a bit of what her home life is like, and her sleeping habit is quite relatable. Chungha was watching a show and starting to get comfortable on her couch.

| CHUNG HA_Official/YouTube 

As soon as she got comfortable, she fell asleep!

| CHUNG HA_Official/YouTube  

The staff members stopped shooting since Chungha fell asleep, and they got to go home early thanks to Chungha!

| CHUNG HA_Official/YouTube  

Here’s the full video below!