CIX’s Bae Jinyoung Expresses His Dread of Getting Older in the New Year

He’s currently 20 years old in Korean age.

CIX‘s Bae Jinyoung recently held a live broadcast where he expressed his dread of getting older.

During his conversation with fans, he was asked how he felt about becoming 21 years old in Korean age, to which he replied with worry.

I hate the feeling.

– Jinyoung

He then continued to explain why he’s not so stoked about turning 21.

I never thought I’d have to tell people that I’m 21 years old whenever I’m asked my age. In some ways, I’m young, but if you think about it in other ways, it’s not a young age. I hate aging.

– Jinyoung

In response to Bae Jinyoung’s confession that he hates aging, fans responded with comments such as “He’s so adorable“, “He’s so cute“, and “Jinyoung has grown up so much“.

With the new year coming up, people of Korea get older by one year in Korean age on January 1.

On the other hand, he’s only 19 years old in international age up until his birthday next year.

Source: Insight