CIX Opens Up About Their New Concept And How They Were Affected By COVID-19

CIX is back and happier than ever!

CIX recently sat down for an interview with Singles magazine to share their thoughts on their latest mini-album HELLO Chapter Ø. Hello, Strange Dream!

CIX’s recent mini-album featured the title track “Cinema,” which had a much different vibe than their previous songs. It is very cheerful, upbeat, and has the group smiling throughout the performance.


Hyunsuk confessed that the group was both nervous and excited about the challenge of taking on an unfamiliar concept. He said it felt awkward to smile so much on stage, but he was happy to show FIX a new side.


Seunghun stated that all of the albums before this one told dark stories and made them put on serious performances. He added, “Our music video for this new album captures a lot of our real-life selves.

It’s like a prequel to the HELLO series. It’s the final chapter and it’s a song that captures our beautiful time of youth.



Bae Jinyoung chimed in by saying that it was linked to CIX’s debut song “Movie Star.” He stated that all of their songs tell one complete story and that every song on the album was amazing.

The group continued by discussing the struggles brought on by COVID-19. They were disappointed in not being able to see their fans. However, Yonghee shared that their fans were still a source of strength for them.

I was able to overcome a bout of depression by reading the messages that fans posted. Although our domestic fan meeting was canceled, we were able to keep our promise to our fans by holding it online.



Finally, the CIX members were asked about their goals for the future. Seunghun revealed that he has been working hard to compose music so that he could show his fans one day. Bae Jin Young shared that he wanted to try out some different dance genres than they usually do.

| Bae Jinyoung

I’d like to continue telling relatable stories about things that can happen to our generation through music.


Source: Ilgan Sports