CIX’s Seunghun Found A Fan’s Stan Twitter Account And Totally Surprised Her During A Fansign

He knew where she had been!

Social media-savvy stars often search themselves up to surprise fans with replies. Recently, CIX‘s Seunghun totally shocked a fan with the way he knew just what she was up to!

A lucky FIX by the name of Morgan (@fixtiny on Twitter) had the chance to participate in a video call fansign with CIX. During the fansign, Seunghun somehow knew that she had been in Korea and brought it up. She was surprised as she thought that perhaps he had received the gift she sent him in Korea.

However, his next line sent her into a tizzy. He asked her if she enjoyed Lotte World! She had posted pictures of Lotte World earlier on that week from her trip to Korea. When she realized he had found her stan twitter account, her jaw dropped.

He had his phone ready with the receipts too! This was the post he saw.

How many fans can say that their idol found their social media? What a lucky fan! Check out the adorable interaction below.