CJ and YMC Claim They Have No Idea What Yook Ji Dam Is Talking About

They don’t understand what Yook Ji Dam wants from them.

Both CJ E&M Entertainment and YMC Entertainment have responded to the latest claims that Yook Ji Dam has made regarding her past relationship with Wanna One‘s Kang Daniel. 

Yook Ji Dam Demands An Apology From Wanna One, Their Fans and Their Agency or Face Lawsuits


Yook Ji Dam had previously mentioned that she would hold a press conference in a few days if the agencies and the group didn’t apologize to her for their previous statements.

“Ever since I returned to Korea on February 16, I lived hidden in a hospital because I was scared. I want a proper apology and explanation from CJ, YMC Entertainment. I also want a sincere apology from the artists. If you don’t apologize, I will hold a press conference in a few days.” – Yook Ji Dam


Both agencies seem a little baffled by the singer’s demand for an apology. A representative from CJ has stated that the agency has not been in communication with Yuk Ji Dam since the termination of her contract.

“By mutual consent, Yook Ji Dam’s contract was terminated last Fall. Since then, the agency has not been in contact with the singer. It is unclear to us what she (Yook Ji Dam) wants us to apologize for. – CJ E&M Entertainment Representative


YMC Entertainment has made a similar public statement on the issue.

“We do not know what to apologize for because we have not even contact with Yook Ji Dam. We are doing our best to prevent our artists from being hurt and to protect them from harm.” – YMC Entertainment Representative


Yook Ji Dam has yet to respond to YMC Entertainment and CJ E&M Entertainment’s statements.

Source: Star News, Kookje News and Nate News
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