These Clay Sculptures Of SEVENTEEN Members Will Amaze You

We wish we could make something this incredible with our bare hands.

If you’ve ever tried sculpting something out of clay, then you know just how difficult it can be to get things to come out the way you want them to.

That makes it even more amazing when the end product comes out looking just like the model.


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YouTuber Rooblue Museum is one sculptor who really knows how to nail it, as you saw above with her sculpture of SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi. In fact, she’s sculpted 6 SEVENTEEN members in total, and plans to sculpt the remaining 7 as well!

Joshua | Rooblue Museum/YouTube

The first member of the group she sculpted was Joshua, pictured above. The video of this sculpture was picked up by YouTube’s algorithm and accrued significant views, so as thanks to SEVENTEEN for helping her in this way, she decided to sculpt all thirteen members.

Jeonghan | Rooblue Museum/YouTube

The next member she sculpted was Jeonghan, which she said was the most difficult sculpture of her entire life because of how gorgeous he is. Trust us, we totally understand.

S.Coups | Rooblue Museum/YouTube

Following Jeonghan, she sculpted the group’s leader S.Coups. He looks every bit as charming in clay as he does in real life.

Jun | Rooblue Museum/YouTube

Her next subjects were the performance unit’s Hoshi and Jun. Both of them look like they could burst into a dance at any moment.

Seungkwan | Rooblue Museum/YouTube

Her most recently sculpted member is Seungkwan, who she says is her favorite in the group! She became endeared to him after he recounted his traumatizing experience with TWICE, which happens to be Rooblue’s favorite group. Thus, she sculpted an image of him from the broadcast where he discussed the anecdote.


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SEVENTEEN aren’t the only idols she’s sculpted, though! Other subjects of her work include IUNCT‘s Jaehyun, and aespa‘s Karina, among numerous others!

IU | Rooblue Museum/YouTube

As a sculpting instructor, it can’t be easy to find time to sculpt so many projects, but Rooblue is pulling it off extraordinarily. You can check out her channel below.

Source: Rooblue Museum