CLC’s Elkie Uploads Photo With TWICE’s Tzuyu, And Dreamcatcher’s Handong

Fans didn’t see this coming.

CLC‘s Elkie updated her Instagram story with a photo that has fans excited about the interaction between girl groups they never saw coming.


Beside her close friend TWICE‘s Tzuyu and Dreamcatcher‘s Handong, Elkie looks right at home. The trio looks like the best of friends with their laid-back styles and sweet smiles.

Since Dreamcatcher had recently performed in Belgium and Elkie was holding chocolate in the photo, fans thought Handong met up with them to bring gifts from her trip.

Whatever the reason, fans were more than happy to witness three powerful girl group members all in one single photo.


With all three being able to speak Chinese, it’s no wonder they’re close friends. Fans may see more interactions between them from now on.