Dreamcatcher Trends On Twitter In Belgium After Performance At K-Community Festival 2019

International inSomnia got them to trend on Twitter!

Dreamcatcher was one of two performers (the other being UP10TION) slated to perform at the K-Community Festival (KCF) in Europe. Although Dreamcatcher is one of the top 25 most popular girl groups in Korea, they are wildly popular overseas, with demand from fans seeing them do a European tour that took them to London, Milan, Berlin, Warsaw, Paris, Amsterdam, and Helsinki. (They, unfortunately, had to cancel their stop in Melbourne due to a fire at the venue.)

Dreamcatcher’s introduction from the K-Community Festival website

Yoohyeon was one of the MCs and while she’s commonly voted among fans as being the best English-speaker, they couldn’t hide their delight at how well she did.

In addition to performing, European inSomnia were able to belatedly celebrate Siyeon‘s birthday with her by singing “Happy Birthday” to her before watching as a cake was presented to her.

It appears that Dreamcatcher was so well received during their appearance at K-Community Festival 2019, Belgium inSomnia were able to get the girls trending on Twitter, quickly getting them from the number six trending item to number three!

It’s nice to see the talented ladies of Dreamcatcher getting the attention they deserve.