CLC’s Sorn Reveals That Actor Hyun Bin Was The Reason She Came To Korea

Her dreams were unfortunately shattered.

On an episode of Video Star, CLC‘s Sorn revealed the reason why she came to South Korea. Other than to achieve her dreams of becoming a K-Pop idol, that is.

| Video Star

Sorn shared on the show that she recently loves eating chicken feet, gaining praise from the hosts who were amazed at her Korean-style taste buds. However, her next revelation was met with laughter all around. Sorn revealed that she had come to Korea, after hearing that all Korean men looked like megastar Hyun Bin!

Hyun Bin is known as one of South Korea’s most handsome actors. He gained international popularity initially through Secret Garden. Most recently, he starred in Crash Landing On You, shooting him to super stardom. Sorn shared that she had become a huge fan after seeing him on Secret Garden.

Her Korean friend in Thailand had made a bluff, telling her that all guys in Korea looked as handsome as Hyunbin. However, that particular fantasy was smashed to smithereens upon landing in Korea.

Catch the full clip of her admission here!


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