CLC’s Sorn Reveals The Best And Worst Parts Of Filming Their “Helicopter” Music Video

“We can sleep?!”

CLC‘s Sorn recently sat down for a chat with YouTuber Edward Avila. Aside from dishing on why she can’t handle another change in concept, Sorn also talked about the filming of their music video, particularly the parts she liked and didn’t like.

The Good

The Filming Time

Unlike their previous music videos, “Helicopter” was filmed within a span of two days. The members were shocked when they learned that they were allowed to sleep for a few hours.


The Set

Sorn especially loved the set of the music video, noting that CUBE Entertainment must have spent a lot of money on it.

Her individual set was a diamond-looking box that was completely filled with mirrors.

She absolutely killed her part!

The Bad

The Weather

On the other hand, a difficult aspect of filming the music video was the bad weather. According to Sorn, the video was filmed during the time when the humidity in Seoul was so bad that it made her hair stick up.

Despite the setback, the music video turned out gorgeous!

To hear Sorn discuss more about CLC’s comeback and other fun topics, check out the full interview below.

Source: Edward Avila