CLC’s Sorn Reveals The Thai K-Pop Idols Criticize Their Companies When They Meet Up

They talk about everything, including their own agencies.

The Thai idols in K-Pop are all quite close with each other, so it’s no wonder they’ll meet up and talk about anything and everything.

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CLC‘s Sorn revealed in an interview with Thai media that she first got to know BLACKPINK‘s Lisa through a music academy.


Lisa then introduced her to GOT7‘s BamBam…


And BamBam was close with NCT‘s Ten, and thus the Thai K-Pop idol group formed.


They have since introduced their newest member to their group, (G)I-DLE‘s Minnie.


When asked if they talk about their agencies when they meet up with each other, Sorn revealed they definitely do.

Sorn said it’s not only the Thai idols who do this, but other foreign idols and even the Korean idols.


They’ll talk about what they think their agencies are doing poorly in and compare agencies to each other.


Because of these conversations, the Thai idols have gotten ideas on how to improve their idol life.


Watch the full clip below: