Clever EXO-L Finds A Way To Rake In Pocket Money While Peacefully Stanning EXO

It’s a “pay per question” system.

For this EXO-L, stanning EXO hasn’t been easy. After being so fed up with people around her bringing up EXO related gossip and questions, she decided that nipping it in the bud is surely the best way to shut any unsolicited commentary down.


How? Well, this clever EXO-L made a business out of it. She thought of charging everyone every time they mentioned EXO to her and got her involved in a conversation she did not initiate. She immediately turned her KakaoTalk messenger’s cover photo into a menu which read:

Oops! Please pay before you say anything!
– You still like EXO? $30
– Isn’t — a hotter group now? (ex. BTS) $50
– How longer are you going to stan EXO? $10
– I heard Chen is getting married / has a girlfriend / got her pregnant $100
– When is — going to enlist? $50
– All other EXO or idol related talk $10
Direct deposit to [OP’s bank account number]. Thank you! ^^

— OP


The playful cover photo spoke for itself. Her family and friends now had the option to either pay to ask or not ask anything at all… And it worked! The OP shared a screenshot of a message from her aunt who sent her $10 to nudge her about EXO.

[Nonghyup Banking Alert: Jung Geum Hee (OP’s Aunt) direct deposited $10 to OP’s account.] How much longer are you going to stan EXO~~?

— OP’s Aunt


Korean netizens have found the OP and her aunt’s interaction to be extremely cute and humorous. And this “pay to ask” system has enchanted them — as they look forward to trying it out on their messengers as well!

  • “How clever, lol. I kind of want to try it out myself!”
  • “LOLOL.”
  • “Aw, the aunt was so sweet about it!”
  • “This is hilarious, lmao.”
  • “SO CUTE MY GOODNESS T-T Lol. I love it!”
  • “What a cool aunt!”


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Source: Twitter and THEQOO