This Clip Of IZ*ONE’s Yuri Seeing Sakura For The First Time Has Resurfaced, And Yuri’s Explanation Is The Cutest Thing Ever

It was love at first sight.

One of the most fun things about rewatching survival shows is watching how our beloved idols interacted with each other before they became a group. Sometimes the interactions are different – for better or for worse – but sometimes we can see that bond forming from day one.

When IZ*ONE‘s Sakura and Yuri first laid eyes on each other, things were a little different than they are today. Sakura was already an established and popular member of HKT48 (AKB48‘s Fukuoka team), while Yuri was just a trainee with Stone Music.

Sakura (left) and Yuri pictured as contestants on Produce 48

Sakura commanded everyone’s attention from the moment she entered the room. All eyes – including Yuri’s – were on her.

Yuri: “Our eyes just met and… I almost fainted”

Yuri tells her fellow Stone Music trainees that she locked eyes with Sakura and she almost fainted because Sakura was so pretty.

Chaeyeon: “You said ‘I locked eyes [with her] and I almost fainted’.”
After going through the entire Produce 48 competition together and coming out on the other side successfully as members of IZ*ONE, Chaeyeon brought up Yuri’s first impression of Sakura.

Caption: “And now?”

Yuri took the opportunity to clarify how locking eyes with Sakura makes her feel now. She said that even though Sakura is still pretty enough to make people faint, when she looks at Sakura she no longer feels that way.

At that time I couldn’t look her in the eyes, but now I can look at her and smile like this.

– Yuri

Now Yuri can look at her group member Sakura confidently and fondly with “honey eyes”.

Caption: #Honey_Eyes #ProBeekeeper

Watch the two clips below:

Source: @wiz_shi