Clothing Brand Receives Praise For Choosing Korean Celebrities That Fit The Brand Image

Which is your favorite?

With brands, especially clothing brands, the models they choose play a big part in the brand image and marketing. Finding models that fit the concept and styling is crucial to the brand’s future. Recently, an online community praised the clothing brand Thursday Island for choosing models that fit the brand concept perfectly. Let’s look at some of their best models throughout the years!

Sulli (2016)

Sohee (2017)

Jung Yumi (2018)

Sunmi (2019)

Gong Hyojin (2020, 2021, 2022)

Kim Taeri (2023)

Netizens agreed that all the models fit the style and concept for the brand!

  • “Wow Sulli is legendary! Gong Hyojin matches well too!”
  • “Taeri’s photos came out so well!”
  • “They all match the vibe well.”
  • “Sulli and Gong Hyojin really suit the style.”
  • “Wow Sulli’s stand out even though they were taken a long time ago.”
  • “Personally I think Gong Hyojin suits the style the best.”


Source: theqoo
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