“Coffee Prince” Vs. “Goblin” — Let’s Take A Look At Two Of Gong Yoo’s Biggest Characters To Date

Both are such iconic roles!

Gong Yoo has gone on to become one of the most treasured, well-respected, and beloved actors in South Korea. The actor is meticulous with the K-Dramas and films he chooses, which may be the very reason why he is in some of the nation’s top productions ever.

With that being said, let’s take a look at two of the most iconic character portrayals that have altered Gong Yoo’s career.

Coffee Prince

Poster for “Coffee Prince” | MBC

First up, we have one of South Korea’s K-Drama classics, Coffee Prince. The 2007 Korean drama took the world by storm with its interesting plot and stellar casting choices. The cute romantic comedy follows the story of a coffee shop owner, Han Kyul (played by Gong Yoo) and a tomboy barista, Go Eun Chan (played by Yoon Eun Hye.)

Gong Yoo in “Coffee Prince” | MBC

Gong Yoo was 28-years-old during the filming of Coffee Prince and his handsome visuals were amplified even more so at this time. The romantic storyline paired with Gong Yoo’s perfect looks made Coffee Prince an instant hit, as netizens believe that this series was the real reason that catapulted the actor into his current mega-star status.

Goblin (Also known as Guardian: The Lonely and Great God)

Poster for “Goblin” | tvN

Next up, we have another iconic Gong Yoo production, but this time, it’s his 2016 series Goblin. Gong Yoo played the role of the dokkaebi (goblin) Kim Shin, who has immortal life. His portrayal and full digestion of the role was praised by the public, as the actor went on to receive endless awards for his role in the series.

Gong Yoo in “Goblin” | tvN

Goblin went on to see incredible domestic and international success, becoming the fifth highest ranked Korean drama in cable television history. The entire series became a huge phenomenon in South Korea, as it received critical acclaim. Due to this, many credit this K-Drama as Gong Yoo’s life altering character, despite the actor having been incredibly popular well before he took on this role.

| MBC, tvN

What do y’all think? Which one do you think is Gong Yoo’s biggest character to date?

Source: theqoo