College Student Shares His Experience After Being Involved In A Fender Bender With VIXX’s Ravi

The student hopes many people read his story.

A college student posted his experience after having a fender bender with VIXX’s Ravi. He reveals that he was riding his kickboard scooter with his girlfriend when she accidentally fell; having the scooter accidentally hit the car that was parked near them. The car ended up being slightly dented due to the fall.

While he was helping his girlfriend up, two men approached them asking if they were alright. The student was so flustered at the time that he quickly exchanged numbers before helping his girlfriend get home.

After bandaging up his girlfriend’s wounds, he decided to go back out and take some photos of the car just in case. As he got closer to the car, he realized that it was a Porsche. He was instantly scared because they were only college students and didn’t have enough money to pay for the damages. He quickly sent a text message to the owner of the car to see if he had an estimate for how much it would cost.

This is the text message that he received:

College student: Hello, are you the Porsche car owner? I’m the person who hit your car with my scooter yesterday. I’m sending this message because I wanted to ask you something. Have you been in this kind of accident before? If you have could please let me know an estimate of how much it would cost? If it costs a lot I’m going to need some time to prepare ahead of time. Please contact me when you need it!

Ravi: Yes hello! I hope you didn’t get hurt too much. You were probably surprised because the car had a dent in it too. It seems like you two are college students and this crash happened suddenly while you were having a good time. You don’t have to worry about the costs! I will take care of it. Scooters are dangerous so always be careful when riding! I think it will be enough if you could support Ravi and GROOVL1N music.

The student couldn’t believe that the person he had a fender bender with was none other than VIXX’s Ravi. He was truly thankful that he understood his situation and let everything go.

The student decided to post this message online as a way to thank him again and share this story with many people to show what a great person he is. He plans to stream all of Ravi’s music and support him in any way he can!