Comedian Jang Do Yeon Was Once So Shy That She Couldn’t Even Press the Stop Button on the Bus

That’s very surprising for obvious reasons.

On a recent episode of Olive’s Food Bless You, comedian and TV personality, Jang Do Yeon made the surprising confession that she was once so shy that she couldn’t even press the stop button on the bus.

She explained,

I was shy and had a small voice. I’m still somewhat shy to this day.

– Jang Do Yeon

Jang Do Yeon went on to share a story about riding the bus and added that she herself is surprised that she works in broadcasting.

When I stood on the bus, I was too shy to press the stop button that I would ride the bus frozen and then my heart would pound by the time it was almost time to get off.

– Jang Do Yeon

She continued,

When the bus was crowded, I was too shy to say ‘excuse me’, so I’d miss my stop.

– Jang Do Yeon

This comes as a surprise to many fans because Jang Do Yeon is a well-known comedian who is also famous internationally for a meme that went viral online.

And the meme was the opposite of shy.

In contrast to her shy past, Jang Do Yeon is now a confident queen who’s slaying it in the Korean entertainment industry.

All power to her!

Source: Insight