Comedian Song Eun Yi Reveals Her Produce X 101 Pick

This trainee is her #1 pick!

While filming a variety show, the members of Celeb Five were all dressed in training uniforms reminiscent of what the trainees wear during their time on Produce.

There, Shin Eun Yi revealed her pick for Produce X 101 is….

…. OUI Entertainment’s Kim Yohan!

Shin Eunyi likes him so much that she even said she’d like him to join Celeb Five.

Shi Bong Sun decided to tease Song Eun Yi, saying that she’s probably older than Kim Yohan’s parents. Shin Eun Yi said that she still likes him regardless.

Kim Yohan is currently ranked at #1 as of Episode 11 and will proceed to the finals. Check out the last episode of Produce X 101 this Friday (July 19, 2019) at 8PM KST!

Source: Pann