Comedian Yoo Min Sang Is Still Not Married Because of a Promise He Made to His Mother

He doesn’t plan to get married.

Comedian Yoo Min Sang recently held a “press conference” for his show, Delicious Guys, where he revealed his future plans for marriage.

During the speech, Yoo Min Sang confessed that his last dating experience was 4 to 5 years ago and that there was only one date.

All we did was go to the movies once.

– Yoo Min Sang

He then went on to joke about what sets him apart from other celebrities in terms of his devotion to fans.

I’m walking a different path from countless other celebrities. Many celebrities tell fans they love them, but then go on to marry someone else. But I’m different. So I’m not going to get married.

– Yoo Min Sang

Yoo Min Sang also revealed a promise he made to his mother as another reason why he didn’t get married and made everybody at the scene burst into laughter.

Hey, look. When I was little, I promised my mom I’d keep living with her. And I’m still keeping that promise.

– Yoo Min Sang

Yoo Min Sang’s hilarious confession is receiving a lot of sympathy, both good and bad, from netizens online.

– I can hear his mother scream of frustration from all the way here.

– He’s a celebrity who really keeps his promises.

– That’s also why I’m not married yet. It’s not because I can’t. I just want to live with my mom.

– Netizens


What a troll.

But a “loyal” and hilarious troll at that.

Source: Insight