5 Moments Of Pure Comedy When Idols Experienced Miscommunication

Which moment did you think was the funniest?

A huge charm of idols is that while they look fierce and charismatic on stage, they are able to show their real, goofy sides off stage. They’re really just human like the most of us! In fact, they’re succumb to moments of miscommunication as well, resulting in hilarious moments. Here are 5 such moments of pure comedy!

1. aespa

Aespa’s Karina and Giselle were supposed to take individual photographs after filming their dance performance video for Studio Choom. However, they both immediately yeeted when the cameraman told them that photos would be taken one by one. So…did no one get that shot?


Look Ma! No hands! Well, not really. The members paired off and one of them had to carry the other. Unfortunately, it seems like Dokyum and Joshua failed to discuss which would be which beforehand, resulting in both of them crashing to the ground. Still cute!


You know that moment in K-Dramas where you share your umbrella with someone so you can stand closer to them? Well, it seems like Mimi and Arin had a little case of “life is not a K-Drama” when they both shut their umbrellas at the same time, causing them to get caught in the rain instead.

4. BTS

This is not an accidental kiss. This is just V and RM both trying to whisper to each other at the same time! On a side note, we’re giggling at how RM’s sweater perfectly matches the water bottle.


Soyou and Hyolyn had the exact opposite type of miscommunication compared to BTS above. While BTS both tried to speak at the same time, SISTAR both tried to listen at the same time.

All these funny moments make us like the idols even more!

Source: theqoo