Companies Can Steal Trainees Away From Other Companies, Here’s How

Although it sounds unreal, a former trainee revealed how it happens.

In Comment Defender, former trainees Bin Ha Neul and Choi Ye Jin answered questions regarding trainees many had been curious about, such as dating.

In the process, Ha Neul revealed that companies did steal trainees from other companies and broke down how it happens.

Former OFFROAD’s Kino and Arkay on Produce 101 Season 2.

To share the basis of a trainee’s contract, Ye Jin noted that a trainee attempting to become a trainee for another company could result in penalties. If the audition went extremely well, there was one way to get around that.

If you audition for another company when you already have a company, it’s a breach of contract. Trainee contract could be one year or three years.

— Choi Ye Jin

If the new company was more established than the original, they could steal the trainee away by buying out their contract. “Let’s say a company I newly auditioned for is much bigger than the one I’m in now. Then, this company could buy me because they like me so much.

Ha Neul noted that it was a gamble and didn’t happen often. “I heard a story like that, so that could happen.

She wouldn’t recommend it unless they were ready to literally risk it all. “But, this is obviously a breach of contract. So, go for it if you don’t wanna work in this field anymore.

If a trainee is so talented that another company wants to steal them away, all they need is money to make their past contract go away. Check out Ha Neul sharing how it happens.