From Controversial Adult Film Star To Professor — The Korean Actress Who Dramatically Transformed Her Life

She was widely criticized for allegedly staging a wardrobe malfunction on live TV.

Back in 2007, the name Yeo Min Jeong was at the center of serious controversy for allegedly causing her wardrobe malfunction purposely at a film festival on purpose. She was also known for her career in the Korean adult film industry. But today, the actress has erased both the name and her past and turned into an unrecognizable woman.

Yeon Min Jeong | Hancinema

Yeo Min Jeong, who goes by the name Son Bi Ya now, worked as a porn actress at the beginning of her career. Some of her controversial movies include Manner Teacher, Let’s Go Rose Motel and AV Idol. The last time she appeared in a film was in 2018, with Human, Space, Time, and Human.

Despite her scandalous career, the first time Yeo really caught the mainstream media’s attention was at the 2013 Pucheon International Fantastic Film Festival with her revealing outfit. When she walked on the red carpet, her thong was completely visible due to the high slit of the dress. The actress later admitted that it was on purpose.

But the bigger issue surrounding this appearance was her apparent wardrobe malfunction, when her dress’s strap slipped and fell, causing her breast to be exposed on camera while the event was streamed live. She calmly picked up the strap and brushed the incident off. However, the public felt it was a staged stunt on the actress’s part.

However, in 2020 she appeared as a guest on a YouTube talk show channel and denied that it was intentional. She said she was caught up in the moment, busy trying to pose in front of the camera, and didn’t notice her strap falling off.

After leaving the adult film industry, she changed her name to Son Bi Ya and started working as a Mandarin teacher. She also continued modeling on the side, frequently featured on men’s magazine cover.

But her current life is in a completely different world than before. According to the many Instagram accounts of Son, she has racked up quite a few impressive qualifications over the years. For starters, she owns a small cafe named Coffee Evanada in the Mapo District. She is also working as an adjunct MBA professor at Kyung Hee University, and her subject is Korean wave content. She also works as an advisor of art investment at organizations like DB Financial Investment and Mirae Asset.


She goes by the name Sonfeya Kim now, and apart from the cafe and the professor’s job, she also works as a therapist. She is also involved in multiple committees dedicated to social issues in the Mapo District, including the School Violence Counter-measure Committee and a committee that oversees children’s and women’s safety in the district. Sonfeya is also named the director of the Mapo Culture and Tourism Council.

Sonfeya appointed as a member of the committee that works for the safety of children and women in Mapo District | @sonfeya_kim/Instagram

Finally, she works as the director of Gallery Mom, an art gallery in Seoul.

What a dramatic life transformation!