Where Is K-Pop’s Most Controversial Girl Group Now? Only 2 Members Remain

Four members have left?!

A day after this article was originally published, the group officially disbanded.

Just a few years ago, the most controversial K-Pop girl group debuted.

From left: Coco, Chunseo, Nicole, and Dani |  KAACHI/YouTube via FrontRow Records 

The self-proclaimed K-Pop group KAACHI, formed by FrontRow Records and produced by Monica Lee, debuted on April 15, 2020, with the single “Your Turn.” On April 29, they made their official Korean debut. They are considered the first UK-based K-Pop group.

‘KAACHI, which translates to ‘Value’ and ‘Together’ in Korean, is the world’s first K-pop girl group to debut in the UK!’

KAACHI, who is based in London, is a K-pop girl group consisting of Nicole, Chunseo and Coco! Formed by Frontrow Records launched in 2020, KAACHI is creating their own sound, girl-power with the elements of pop, hip-hop and K-pop!

— FrontRow Records

The group consisted of four members at the time: Spanish member Nicole, who is the Leader, Main Vocalist, Main Dancer, and Lead Rapper, Spanish Filipina member and Nicole’s friend of 8+ years Chunseo, who is the Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Center, Visual, and Maknae, the only Korean member Coco, who was the Lead Vocalist, and Sub-Rapper, and British member Dani, who was the Main Rapper, Dancer, and Sub-Vocal.

From left: Coco, Chunseo, Nicole, and Dani |  FrontRow Records 

Originally, the lineup was Nicole, Dani, Chunseo, and KG. They all knew each other from British K-Pop dance cover group UJJN.

KG ultimately left for personal reasons in January 2020, and Miso replaced her. Yet, Miso left in March, replaced by Coco.

Since the start, KAACHI has been subject to endless criticism and straight-up abuse. Netizens criticized the members for alleged cultural appropriation, lack of training, etc. They even received death threats.

Still, KAACH continued to pursue their dreams as a K-Pop group and released “Photo Magic” in November 2020…

They even started to turn haters into lovers. For example, YouTuber Johnny, who previously criticized them, actually became friends with the members.

Yet, less than a year later, it was announced Dani would be leaving the group. She decided not to renew her contract and leave KAACHI on July 23, 2021.

In August 2021, KAACHI promoted for the first time as a three-member group with the single “One Thing.” There was not an official MV for it, though.

Shortly after, KAACHI released their fourth single, “Extra Special,” on September 2.

KAACHI then released their fifth digital single, “GET UP,” on October 25, 2021. It is a remake of Baby V.O.X‘s 1999 song of the same name.

KAACHI hadn’t been as active when it was announced that Coco would be leaving the group on September 2, 2022. It was due to difficulties she faced with the company, and the statement claimed she would continue as a solo artist.

So, now KAACHI only consists of two members, Nicole and Chunseo. KAACHI has also not updated social media since last year.

So, fans are concerned for the future of KAACHI.

Just a day after this article was published, KAACHI officially disbanded. Read more below.

“British K-Pop Group” KAACHI Officially Disbands

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