A K-Pop Fan Shares Their “Unpopular” Opinions On The Controversial Group KAACHI, And You Must Read It

Do you agree or not?

UK-based self-proclaimed K-Pop group KAACHI who debuted in April of this year has faced a slew of criticism, including cultural appropriation, a lack of training, and so much more.

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The members, Nicole, Chunseo, Dani, and Coco, received a constant stream of abuse from netizens who insulted their looks, abilities. Death threats and name-calling were among a few of the horrors KAACHI has had to endure in the short time since their debut.

A K-Pop fan, who we’ll call iE, shared their thoughts on KAACHI, and while it’s not a popular opinion, it was thought-provoking enough to share.

When talking about KAACHI, iE acknowledges that KAACHI could have been great if they had more training, particularly in the area of Korean language, as they are marketing themselves as a K-Pop group.

Kaachi would be an amazing group, like AMAZING if they had more training. They honestly need to work on their vocals and their rapping. Their music is not ideally k-pop, because they need to work on their Korean. I am not a Korean, but when they sang, it didn’t sound Korean, and the pronunciation was kinda off

—iE, K-Pop Fan

As for their vocals, popular YouTubers, like Johnny, have noted that while their vocals need work, part of the fault lies with the producer or mixer who worked on the song.

Their vocals need a lot of work, but it is not entirely their fault.

Johnny and a bunch of other youtubers actually pointed out that the vocals were mixed incorrectly. This leads to the mixers who did the work at fault. Also, please subscribe to Johnny on youtube, he makes a lot of great covers and other funny stuff. He fixed the song and what could have done better.

—iE, K-Pop Fan

KAACHI (From Left: Dani, Nicole, Chunseo, Coco)

The group has been plagued by rumors, which iE notes, including:

  • The girls have shipped themselves with members of BTS
  • They made there fandom slogan ‘I blue you’ basically a rip off of BTS’s ‘I purple you
  • Their fandom name is ‘coochie’
  • One of the girls is Bang Chan anti
  • Someone of there choreography seems identical to BLACPINK‘s
  • They mocked Jennie for the lazy scandal

Many, if not all, of these rumors, were started by KAACHI anti-fans.

Now let me explain ONE of the rumors. Yes, the Jennie one. After some research, I came across why they mocked Jennie. You see, they were doing a dance concert thing, and they were playing a game with the audience. They were supposed to dance like whatever the audience said. One person from the audience said, “Dance lazy, like Jennie from Blackpink!” So, they had to dance lazy. They danced lazy, but they did not like that comment from that person.

—iE, K-Pop Fan

Looking into it further, KAACHI’s official fandom name is actually “Uni-K”. With a little work, many of the rumors that sparked controversy and backlash against the group can quickly be resolved and filed away as fake.

The final part of iE’s “unpopular” fan opinion is this:

I would also like to say, please do not send hate or death threats. It takes hard work to be an idol, so please don’t judge them, I’m pretty sure they are trying their best. They have to train for hours like many other groups.

—iE, K-Pop Fan

Does KAACHI deserve all the abuse they receive? Absolutely not. Is referring to themselves as a K-Pop group controversial? Yes, sure. iE makes many excellent points with their “unpopular” opinion. Fans are certainly entitled to their thoughts and feelings, however, bullying and death threats crosses a line, and that’s something that we should all take to heart.

Watch KAACHI’s MV for their debut song “Your Turn” below:

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