Cookie Monster Photobombed Stray Kids Concert And Fans Are Losing It

STAYs stay extra.

On November 22, Stray Kids hosted an online concert titled “Beyond LIVE – Stray Kids ‘Unlock : GO LIVE IN LIFE'”. The concert went perfectly as planned and they amazed everyone with their strong stage presence. However, at one point, the background was filled with live videos of fans across the world and two esteemed guests happened to catch everyone’s attention: Cookie Monster and Nachimbong (Stray Kids’s light stick)!

STAYs were absolutely losing it over the dedication of these fans and could hardly focus on the concert itself.

Some fans even rushed to get the moment down in fanart!

While Stray Kids didn’t seem to notice them at the time, Bang Chan later hosted a live broadcast where he laughed and confirmed that he saw them. “I saw Cookie Monster too! I’m actually really happy that Cookie Monster came to our concert to watch our stages. It was amazing.

As Twitter fans do, they have already found the Cookie Monster STAY!

STAYs will always stay extra, and hopefully there will be more funny moments like this in the future!

Source: V Live

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