Coronavirus Victim Who Attended “Shincheonji” Church Never Told Her Parents That She Was a Believer

“For people like us, being exposed is much scarier than the disease itself.”

SBS News recently reported the case of a young believer of Shincheonji in Daegu who was confirmed to have contracted COVID-19 but has still yet to tell her parents that she attended the church.

SBS News reported, “There’s a case where a Shincheonji believer was confirmed for COVID-19 but still hasn’t told her parents,” and shared a chat exchanged by her and a fellow believer of the church.

Believer A is reported to be a team leader of the branch in Daegu while Believer B is the woman who vented about how her parents were catching on to the fact that she attended the church.

The chats read as follows:

A: Because you were confirmed for the virus?

B: Yes. As soon as I told them that, they went crazy.

A: Tell them it’s not true.

B: My mom cried outside.

A: Be firm.

B: I told them it’s not true, but they won’t believe me. My dad said he was suspicious, too.

– Chat Log

A: Because you were confirmed for the virus? I wonder when I should tell.

B: For people like us, being exposed is much scarier than the disease itself.

– Chat Log

Regarding the secret kept from them, Believer B’s parents expressed that if it wasn’t for her contracting the virus, they never would have found out about her attending Shincheonji.

I feel like if this didn’t happen, we never would’ve found out. That’s what disgusts me. We live in the same house for god’s sake…

– Father

Despite the fact that over half of the confirmed victims of the coronavirus in Korea are related to the Shincheonji church (Daegu branch) in Korea, the tendency of Shincheonji believers to hide their identities has made it difficult to properly secure a list of attendees who could have been exposed.

Before the spread of COVID-19 through the Shincheonji church in Daegu, the number of those affected was at 30, but that number is currently standing at 1766 just over a week later.

Source: Dispatch and FN News