Cosmic Girls’ Cheng Xiao Proves How Flexible She Is

On a recent episode of SBS‘s “Laws of the Jungle”, Cosmic Girls member Cheng Xiao helped her castmates stretch in the morning and ended up showing off her incredible flexibility in the process.

Cheng Xiao was in Kota Manado, Indonesia, filming for the episode alongside actors Gong Myung and Yoon Da Hoon. After waking up from sleeping on the beach, Cheng Xiao immediately began to stretch to revitalize herself.

After stretching, she urges her castmates to join her. Although Yoon Da Hoon originally hesitated, he eventually decided to join in for the morning exercise. They first began with simple and easy stretches.

Then they stretched their backs by pulling their waists to each side.

Next, they moved on to more difficult poses that required reaching their toes. Yoon Da Hoon had some difficulty here and struggled to bend down all the way. Upon seeing this, Cheng Xiao walked over to assist him but he let out a groan as he could not reach his toes without wailing in pain.

Cheng Xiao completed her stretching routine with straight splits, which she easily and effortlessly did, while the guys watched her in disbelief. They both tried to do the split as well, but did not succeed.

She then did an impressive back cartwheel, and the rest of the cast members followed along. The clip ended with all three of them tumbling along the beach. They finally found something they could all enjoy!

Cheng Xiao is well known for her superb gymnastic skills, as were seen on Idol Star Athletics Championships, in which she performed a routine that left everyone in awe of her.

Check out the full clip of Cheng Xiao stretching on “Laws of the Jungle”!