Cosmic Girls Luda Talks About Close Friendship With (G)-IDLE’s Minnie And BLACKPINK’s LISA

No one saw it coming!

Friendships between idols from different groups are always exciting for K-Pop fans because they get to see their favorite people interact with their other favorite people.

Discovering these friendships are part of the fun too! It’s interesting to learn how these bonds were made and where it started.

Cosmic GirlsLuda’s friendship with (G)-IDLE’s Minnie is an example of a friendship that excites many fans!

Luda opened up about her friendship with (G)-IDLE’s Minnie and explains how she developed a close bond with her.

She mentioned that she met Minnie through a fellow Cosmic Girls member who was close with one of the BLACKPINK members. Most fans are speculating that she was referring to Bona and Jisoo’s close friendship!

And that through Bona and Jisoo, Luda met Lisa, who introduced her to Minnie. Lisa and Minnie have been friends since their pre-debut days as Minnie used to train with BLACKPINK before transferring to a different entertainment. They’ve been spotted hanging out recently which proves that their friendship is going strong!

Some fans couldn’t believe that Luda and Lisa were friends and were amazed with their friendship!

They have also been seen interacting together in music award shows!

It took quite a long turn for Luda and Minnie to meet, but fans are nevertheless excited with this combination!

WJSN (Cosmic Girls)