Cosmic Girls’ Xuan Yi Under Fire For Mocking Indian Culture

Some netizens have been furious over this clip of Xuan Yi.

Cosmic Girls Xuan Yi has been criticized for her appearance on SuperTV, where she danced comedically to an Indian song.


She’s seen wearing a fake mustache as she begins dancing in a similar style as a traditional Hindu dance.


The dance soon turns comedic as the rest of the members join in.

The performance is set to the song titled “Tunak Tunak Tun” by an Indian artist named Daler Mehndi.


Viewers took to Twitter to express their anger towards Xuan Yi for cultural appropriation.


Many expressed that her dance is offensive to the Indian culture and simply inappropriate.


On the other hand, others have expressed that they do not think the clip is a mockery and that Xuan Yi did not mean to offend anyone.


Xuan Yi’s performance sparked a debate between netizens as many pointed out that this isn’t the first time Indian culture was portrayed inappropriately in K-Pop. In the past, Lee Hyori had performed a dance to a prayer.


Loona‘s Choerry had once posted a photo of herself with a bindi. The post was deleted shortly after with an apology from the group’s agency.


OH MY GIRL was also criticized for performing a song called “Curry” by the musical duo Norazo, where the song stereotyped the Indian culture with humorous lyrics about the dish.


Many netizens request that Korean culture put more effort into understanding other cultures and avoiding cultural appropriation.

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