Cosmic Girls’ Yeoreum Can Pull Off Any Hairstyle And Here’s The Proof

Her hair for “Butterfly” was iconic.

Yeoreum from Cosmic Girls (also known as WJSN) is known for her stunning visuals.

Since Cosmic Girls’ debut in 2016, Yeoreum has tried many different hairstyles and flawlessly pulled off each and every one.

Some of her best hairstyles include:

Light brown hair she had for her debut song “MoMoMo”

Cosmic Girls’ Yeoreum

This almost orangey-brown shade with full bangs

Brown hair accented with bright pink highlights, perfect for summer

Long, bright orange hair that highlights her cuteness

And short, orange hair that looks mature and stylish


This pinkish-red shade that highlights her eyes

Blonde hair that is just as bright as her sunshine-like personality

Elegant silver/grey hair that makes her look like an elven princess

Shorter black hair that makes her look like an actual fairy

Chic long, dark hair with bright highlights

Short hair that perfectly complimented the dance for “Butterfly”

And her blue hair for “Super Yuppers” that we can’t get enough of


No matter the hairstyle or concept, Yeoreum’s goddess-like visuals are striking.

And her cuteness, especially with her short hair, is undeniable too.

Which of Yeoreum’s hairstyles is your favorite?



WJSN (Cosmic Girls)