Countdown: The Most Popular SM Station MV’s So Far

SM Entertainment‘s SM STATION project has undoubtedly become a huge success for the company and its artists.

The agency’s founder Lee Soo Man unveiled SM STATION as part of his hallyu expansion project 11 months ago during the company’s New Culture Technology press conference at the SMTOWN Coex Artium in Seoul. Nearly a year after the announcement of SM Station as an expansion of SM’s digital music channel, the company has a lot to show for its lengthy project.

With dozens of singles having been produced through this effort, the company has released plenty of hits and instant classics through their project. Here are some of the most memorable music videos to date:

Honorable Mention: Borders (Amber)

“Borders” by f(x)’s Amber was a powerhouse of its own this year as a new fight song of our generation; the personal touches she put into all her music solidified her as a true artist in 2016:

10. Always in My Heart (Im Seulong and Joy)

Despite having been released fewer than two months ago, Lim Seul Ong and Red Velvet’s Joy’s collaboration has over 5 million views already. If anything is for certain, it’s that this song will always be in our hearts!

9. Sailing (Girls’ Generation)

By far the most nostalgic release from SM Station is “Sailing,” the Girls’ Generation tribute to their long, fruitful career, with “0805” referencing their debut nearly a decade ago. Try and find all of the Easter Eggs hidden in the video:

8. Secret (Yuri and Seohyun)

With nearly 6 million views, the racy and upbeat MV for Girls’ Generation’s Yuri and Seohyun is bound to make you hot and bothered. Also featured in the music video is a legendary hair flip; see if you can spot it!

7. All Mine (f(x))

Venturing into EDM and non-traditional Kpop genres is always risky, but it is evident that SM’s risk paid off as f(x)’s “All Mine” comes in at #7 on our list with an MV that has over 7 million views:

6. Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway (Yoona ft. 10cm)

Coming in at #6 is Girls’ Generation’s Yoona collaboration with indie band sensation 10cm. The music video and lyrics tell a story of young love that refuses to give up or break down, just like a sturdy stone wall:

5. Spring Love (Eric Nam and Wendy)

Eric Nam and Red Velvet’s Wendy collaborated on “Spring Love,” a beautiful tribute to the blossoming of young romance. The harmony between the nostalgic yet playful visuals in the music along with the two singers’ melodious voices makes it no surprise their collaboration comes in at #5 on our list with over 8 million views:

4. Sweet Dream (Heechul and Min Kyung Hoon)

With just over 8.5 million views, Super Junior’s Heechul and Buzz’s Min Kyung Hoon’s collaboration is a reminder of why we love Kpop: the drama, the performance, and the music. The music video features a cameo from the Knowing Brothers cast, was well as TWICE’s Momo.

3. Heartbreak Hotel (Tiffany ft. Simon Dominic)

Coming in at #3 in our countdown is Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany’s “Heartbreak Hotel.” Her piercing gaze in the thumbnail alone is enough to entrance you in the beat of the music, which makes it no surprise why this music video has garnered over 10 million views:


2. Dancing King (Yoo Jae Suk and EXO)

What else can you expect from a collaboration between the Nation’s MC and EXO aside from an music video with nearly 30 million views and a packed international stadium? An enormous amount of hype surrounded the release of the collaboration, and it’s safe to say SM STATION did not disappoint:

1. Rain (Taeyeon)

It should come at no surprise that SM Entertainment started the year off strong with their first track. Taeyeon’s single, “Rain” already has over 30 million views and has been mentioned on many occasions for its unique and striking visual themes: