“Crash Landing on You” Star Kim Jung Hyun Had No Idea Goo Seung Joon Was Going to Die

No one saw it coming.

In a recent interview, actor Kim Jung Hyun, who played Goo Seung Joon in the hit drama, Crash Landing on You, spoke up about his thoughts on how his character died in the drama.

Kim Jung Hyun expressed that with the success of the drama, he received so much love that his heart is full and that he’s now able to look around him with a healthy mindset, which he will never forget.

But the part that gained the most interest was when Kim Jung Hyun spoke about his death in the drama.

Kim Jung Hyun explained that he was flattered by the fact that so many people were upset about his death because that proved just how much viewers loved him.

I heard people kept asking if he died, and Seung Joon’s name even trended on the internet. I felt thankful and proud because I realized Seung Joon was loved and that’s why people were so sad about his death. The writer said that people were causing such a fuss about Seung Joon dying, so they later even joked that I should write something on social media. I think it ended well. I feel like him dying made him into a character that will be remembered for a long time.

– Kim Jung Hyun

He was then asked if he saw the death coming, to which he gave an unexpected answer.

Before I saw the 16 episode, it went up until the scene where he was in the back of the ambulance, and I asked the director if I was going to die. He said, ‘Probably not. His relationship just started with Dan’, so I thought I’d live. But nope. It’s unfortunate, but I think the death allowed Seung Joon to grow. The way he saved Dan’s life and sacrificed his will probably leave a bigger impression in viewers’ minds. I don’t think the director knew until the 16th episode either.

– Kim Jung Hyun

Kim Jung Hyun added that he didn’t think Seo Ji Hye (Seo Dan) knew about his death either and shared what she said about it when she found out.

When the director talked to her about it, I remember her saying, ‘As soon as he dies, Dan suddenly turns into someone who’s anti-marriage.’ I don’t think she expected Seung Joon’s death either.

– Kim Jung Hyun


Source: Dispatch