CRAVITY’s Jungmo Purposely Gained 4KG For Their Comeback And Here’s Why

We say he looks beautiful either way.

When we think of idols, we often assume that they would be watching their weights, apart from those that are blessed with naturally slim genes. However, in the case of this one idol, CRAVITY‘s Jungmo, he had to do the exact opposite for his group’s latest comeback.

CRAVITY made a comeback with the song, “Cloud 9“, featuring an adorable, fresh concept that was a total 180 degrees turn from their previous release, “BREAK ALL THE RULES“. Due to this concept change-up, the member who was known for this sharp V-line and defined jaw, had to put on 4kg in total, to match up to the cute concept.

On “K-CONTACT Live”, he shared that while he doesn’t gain weight easily, he worked hard to eat a lot, so that he would gain weight and be able to show off a cuter side. His efforts certainly paid off! Here are some of the before and after shots for comparison.

As “BREAK ALL THE RULES” featured a darker concept with a hard-hitting song, Jungmo had to look as fierce as possible, and it certainly paid off!

His jaw was so sharp you could probably slice your finger if you reached out to touch the screen. Here’s how he looks in the latest round of promotions! Doesn’t he look much cuter?

Along with the adorable styling, Jungmo became too adorable to resist! It’s amazing the difference in vibes a slight bit of weight gain and different styling can bring

 Needless to say, we’re pretty jealous he gets to look good with or without weight gain! God really does have favorites. Check out the group’s latest title track, “Cloud 9” here!