Crayon Pop’s Way Revealed The Status Of The Group, Future Plans Together

It’s the question weighing on fans’ minds.

During an AMA on Reddit, K-Pop fan MonkeyChowder asked Crayon Pop‘s Way to confirm whether or not the group officially disbanded.

Source: MonkeyChowder/Reddit

The fan also shared that they’re a huge fan of Crayon Pop and that Way was their first bias! (Aw!)

Way responded to the fan’s question explaining that Crayon Pop has not disbanded, and if there was an opportunity, she would gather them to film again.

Source: crayonpopway/Reddit

Back in 2018, Crayon Pop’s Ellin said that the group “didn’t disband” but they were just doing their own activities.

Fans are sure to be relieved at receiving affirmation that Crayon Pop is indeed still together and that they hope to do something together when they have the chance.