Crayon Pop’s Way Shares Her Experience Of Meeting BTS At The Salon

Her story shows what BTS is like off camera.

Crayon Pop‘s Way has shared her experience of encountering BTS at a salon in her recent tell-all YouTube video.

She began by saying that BTS went to the same salon as Crayon Pop.


She then explained that a few of the members were always diligently studying Japanese.

A few of the members were always practicing Japanese even while getting their hair and makeup done.

ㅡ Way


She remembered them as a group that was very hard-working.

After hearing them, I thought they really work hard. So I still remember to this day.

ㅡ Way


She added that their attitude is probably what got them to their global status today.

I think that’s probably why they’ve become so successful globally now.

ㅡ Way


Thanks to all of their effort, the members are now quite fluent in Japanese!


No one can reap the fruit before planting the trees! Check out Way’s full video below:

Source: Dispatch