Here Are Some Of The Criminal Activities That Sasaeng Fans Are Known To Do

They could go to jail for up to 10 years for their actions!

One of the worst things that Korean celebrities have to deal with is sasaengs. These are fans that push the boundaries and choose to invade the privacy of their favorite celebrities. Sasaengs can get so obsessed that they start committing illegal activities. Sasaengs even use illegal taxis to chase after their favorite celebrities.

Chasing after their favorite celebrities can also be risky for other people, as it could easily cause a collision.

Sasaengs even go as far as revealing personal information about their favorite celebrities. One of the main reasons they do this is to show off how “knowledgeable” of a fan they are.

A Psychology professor at Seoul National University even gave her explanation of why sasaengs act in such an extreme manner.

Another illegal activity that sasaengs are known to do it sneaking into celebrities’ houses. Even with security guards being present, sasaengs still find a way to enter.

A lawyer also reveals that a lot of activities that sasaengs do are illegal, and they can be punished quite severely by the law.

A normal fan gives her perspective on sasaengs and why they act in such extreme manners. She attributes one of the reasons as wanting to believe that they are special fans.

Sasaengs also love obtaining private information about celebrities, such as getting ID cards or personal belongings.

Sasaengs can even hire people to do some extreme jobs for them, such as stealing their favorite celebrities’ underwear.

Here is the full video below.

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