Crown J Defends Seo Inyoung’s Controversial Behavior

Crown J recently posted a statement on his personal Instagram defending the actions of Seo In Young.

The online K-pop community was in an uproar when an anonymous post leaked a video of Seo Inyoung verbally abusing the staff of With You – Season 2.

After Seo Inyoung’s agency Star Entertainment released an official apology on behalf of her behavior in a leaked video, Crown J has resorted to Instagram to defend Seo Inyoung, and asked his fans to think twice before posting malicious comments directed towards her and about her.

The Instagram post on Crown J’s official account has been translated below:

“Upon filming in Dubai, we have indeed left the show ‘With You.’ There were lots of good times and not-so-good times. There are always arguments between siblings and family, friends and partners, and these kinds of incidents always happen all around us. I’ve been through a tough time that nobody knows about, and I believe a lot of you are also going through something like that, or have already been through something like that. Honestly I think being a celebrity is one of the hardest jobs out there. Of course there are advantages that come with being a celebrity, but the biggest disadvantage is not being allowed to show when you’re tired, depressed, or in a bad mood.
Filming abroad presents many tiresome situations unlike domestic filming. We had all never been there, and in Dubai we worked hard until we were sweating, laughed so hard our abs were burning, and sometimes we’d even argue about small differences in opinion, but we grew close, so I feel sad and regret having to leave the show at this point.
I am very sorry to all the viewers and fans of With You for the sudden news of our departure from the show, but I believe the controversy regarding the story of Seo Inyoung should be between [Seo] Inyoung and me, the production staff, and our agencies. I regret not being more careful in seeing to the end of the situation. I saw with my own eyes the hard work every individual staff member put in for the program and for us over the course of 3 nights and 5 days, and I would like to commend them. I believe [Seo] Inyoung was going through some stress she could not talk about.
You may be very curious as to what exactly happened, but there is a saying in the bible that states, ‘Hate the sin, but not the sinner,’ and as a woman with all the rights as anybody else, I politely request that you please consider her dignity before you post hurtful or malicious comments.
My last appearance on ‘With You’ will be on January 31, but I promise to continue appearing before you on other programs and with better music. May God Bless You All.”

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Source: TV Report