Crush Reveals What Caused Him To Break Down Crying After Busking On The Streets

Crush explained what went through his mind when he broke down in tears.

JTBC‘s Begin Again recently shared a busking video on their official YouTube channel, but it quickly became a hot topic of conversation when Crush was seen breaking down in tears after busking g.o.d‘s song, “Road“.

Throughout the emotional song, Crush was seen missing his parts and failing to sing as well as he usually does.

And when AKMU‘s Suhyun asked him why he didn’t sing, Crush broke down in tears in front of the audience.

In the end, Crush excused himself so that he could calm down and collect his thoughts.

And he revealed the reason why he cried in a later interview.

I felt like I was there all alone. I know the other members were there, but I felt alone.

— Crush

Crush explained that during that song, he questioned the path he was walking for the first time in his 8 years as a singer.

I feel like I’ve just been sprinting while only looking straight for the last 8 years. But just like what the lyrics of “Road” was talking about, I wondered, ‘Is the path that I’m walking the right one?’

— Crush

Despite his phenomenal success as a singer, Crush is uncertain of what to do next.

I think I asked myself that question for the first time in 8 years. And I actually have no idea which path I want to take.

— Crush

Crush’s unexpected confession has fans expressing their sympathy through comments such as “I teared up as soon as the song began… Thank you for singing it“, “I feel like I know what Crush’s tears meant“, “Please keep singing, Crush“, and “I had no idea Crush worried about stuff like this“.

Check out Begin Again‘s emotional cover of g.o.d’s “Road” below:

Source: Dispatch