CSJH’s Stephanie Dishes The Whole Story On How She Started Dating Her 23-Year Age Gap Boyfriend

Here’s the full story.

In the most recent episode of MBC’s Radio Star, CSJH’s Stephanie (32) made a guest appearance and revealed the full story on how she started dating her boyfriend Brady Anderson (56) who is 23 years older than her.

| Brady Anderson/Baltimore Sun

They first met each other while she was traveling back and forth between Korea and the U.S. and kept their friendship going for the past eight years.

They were close friends for so long that even her mother, who is only four years older than him, knew about him.

After being friends for awhile, they met up again with each other earlier this year and confirmed their love for one another after having a small fight.

Because they were both professionals in their respective fields, they were confident in their own methods after getting being injured. She had always used an ice pack when she was injured, but he stated that it wasn’t scientifically proven.

Her boyfriend Anderson told her he wouldn’t believe it unless she proved it with scientific evidence.

This small fight grew bigger than expected until he said, “Try and listen to me since your boyfriend is a former major league player!”

Since they never officially stated that they were dating, they continued to just meet with each other with good feelings until one day he said, “Listen to your boyfriend!” Although annoyed, Stephanie couldn’t help but feel happy.

Stephanie was taken aback and wondered to herself, “Was I his girlfriend?”

So, because they didn’t have a specific date they started dating, they just made the day they fought the official start date for their relationship!

Brady Anderson is a former Baltimore Orioles player and Stephanie is currently a music actress after leaving SM Entertainment in 2016.

Source: theqoo