CSJH’s Stephanie Is Dating A Former MLB All-Star 24 Years Older Than Her

Congratulations to the couple.

CSJH‘s Stephanie (32) is reportedly dating former Baltimore Orioles slugger and all-star Brady Anderson (56).

According to an exclusive report from Osen, Stephanie’s relationship with Brady Anderson grew while she was travelling back and forth between South Korea and the United States. The two reportedly met in 2012 while Stephanie was working with the Los Angeles Ballet, and became friends after meeting. After 8 years of friendship, they started dating earlier in 2020.

Brady Anderson was the Baltimore Orioles’ number 1 hitter during his time in the MLB, with his best season coming in 1996, where he hit 50 home runs and recorded 110 RBI’s. He is also the first player in MLB history to record separate seasons of 50 stolen bases (53 in 1992) and 50 home runs (50 in 1997). Korean fans are also familiar with the Baltimore Orioles as LG Twins outfielder Kim Hyun Soo played for the them in 2016 and 2017.

Stephanie is currently promoting as a musical actress since her departure from SM Entertainment in 2016.

Source: Osen