Here’s The Training Schedule, Rules And Classes Every Cube Entertainment Trainee Has To Adhere To

It’s jam-packed.

A longtime fan of Cube Entertainment artists conveniently compiled a post of what every Cube Entertainment trainee has to do, from their schedule to the detailed classes. The information was taken from moments where their artists or actual trainees revealed information on broadcast shows.

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Firstly, trainees who are of legal age have to arrive at the practice studios by 9am, while students have to come right after school ends. Everyone ends their day around 10pm. All trainees have to hand in their handphones upon arrival and they have to keep detailed journals about their practice. These journals would be checked and read by the trainers. This was shared by BTOB‘s Eunkwang.

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Most foreign trainees will take Korean lessons and the staff in charge of the trainees will test the students once every week, according to (G)I-DLE‘s Minnie. The foreign trainees are only allowed to speak Korean in order to improve. The staff also gathers the foreign trainees to practice conversation and keep track of their learning. It is possible to get scolded if one converses in their native language amongst each other in the presence of staff.

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Of course, all trainees have to undergo vocal, dance and rap lessons. In particular, Cube Entertainment places focus on vocals. It was shared that if a trainee enters the debut team but still does not have a sure position, they will have to take rap lessons.

As artists, they also are given composing lessons. While all trainees undergo basic training for this, the company ends up focusing on the few that show good potential and talent in composing and producing, and give them more training for this.

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Other than skills, Cube Entertainment also teaches character values to the trainees and helps the trainees plan out their future. They also teach etiquette and how to act on broadcast to the trainees.

Cube Entertainment also provides psychological counselling to trainees. Although strange, the company also teaches fashion – a stylist will come to the company, dole out cash and tell the trainees to come back with new clothes. These outfits will be checked and given feedback on.

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Fitness, acting and musical instruments are all also add-ons that the company provides to their trainees depending on personal development. The company also lets the trainees go for volunteer sessions regularly.

What a tightly packed schedule! Being a trainee is certainly not an easy job!

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