Korean Woman’s Story About Enduring 15 Years Of Hell On Earth Will Make You Sick With Rage

Warning: This article contains detailed information on sexual assault and domestic violence.

A recent episode of Curious Stories Y shared the gruesome story of a Korean woman on the run from her parents — and the viewers, upon finding out why she chose to leave her past life behind, are left in utter shock and speechlessness.

When the thirty-year-old “A” told her father about her new boyfriend and relationship, A’s father “B” got uncontrollably upset. A recalled, “He got so mad and kicked me in the head. He tried to throw things at me, like the air purifier.” Only when the police came, the rage stopped.

A week from this incident, A escaped the household — with the help of her younger brother “C”. And together, A and C finally did what should have been done a long time ago: Filing a lawsuit against B… for sexual assault and domestic violence.

A then revealed that it was not only the post-boyfriend-news violence that made her run away from home. For 15 years leading up to that day, she had been a victim of B’s endless sexual assault. A shared, “After I revealed that I’m in a relationship, B had sex with me every single day for the next week. It took a toll on me, I was in so much pain.” The first thing A did after getting herself out of the house was visit a help center for sexual assault victims. There, she gathered the evidence that she had been raped by her own father.

A confessed, “The very first assault came after I had my first period, I think it was when I was in 6th grade, in November.” At the time, A did not realize what she had gone through is rape.

By the time A turned 15 years old, B got her pregnant and A knew something was incredibly wrong. When A told her mother that she felt bloated and missed the following couple periods, A, A’s mother, and B all went to an abortion clinic together. There, A’s mother and B explained to the doctor that A “made a mistake with a boy her age”.

The doctor said the baby got too big. But it was done. I remember waking up in a very cold room… Once I recovered and felt a little better, he came for me again.

— A

From then on, A has had three more abortions, all of which were pregnancies from B’s unending sexual assaults. B would “summon” A to his room or even the living room and took advantage of her.

A commented, “He considered himself my father and my lover. He would call me ‘sweetie’ and say things like, ‘I miss you, baby’ or ‘You’re my wife too’.” And according to A, B constantly claimed that A was his “second wife” — in front of his actual wife as well.

It was hell. I wanted to take my own life. I’ve thought about it too. I stood in front of the window so many times. But I kept telling myself to hang in there. Once he’s dead, I’ll be free. I’ll be able to live my life. So I gritted through it.

— A

When A and C got the authorities involved, B was immediately arrested. During the investigation, B claimed that “All sexual activities came with consent” because “A felt the same attraction for him” too. B’s nonsense excuses for his behavior made even the authorities feel completely disgusted.

I mean, the DNA evidence made it very clear. He had to admit that there was sexual intercourse. So he kept arguing that there was consent and the feelings were mutual. When the investigation and evidences revealed the disgusting truth behind everything B had done to A… Even the police involved in the case were shocked by how brutally abused A was.

— A’s Lawyer

As the lawsuit progressed, a number of experts got involved to analyze what really went wrong between A and her family. A’s mother, who could have stopped the rape, had actually been physically abused for the entirety of her marriage. She believed that interrupting B would only lead to more harm inflicted on herself and her daughter — so she allowed A to fall victim right in front of her eyes.

My dad thought my mom had cheated on him. So he took the anger out on me. Then he blamed my mom, claiming that he has sex with me because he can’t trust her anymore… Yes, I resent her, but there was nothing she could have done. She suffered a lot too. I don’t know if it’s because she has been beaten so many times, but she no longer can speak her mind clearly. All she knows how to say is ‘Sorry’ now…

— A

As for B, currently imprisoned for his wrongdoings, experts disclosed that he showed tendencies of pedophilia and incest fantasies. A profiler stated, “It seems he came with all kinds of sexual fetishes. Plus, he showed all the typical, overly-controlling, aggressively dominant traits of an abuser.”

Unfortunately, he is said to be constantly mailing the family, begging for forgiveness…

Dear My Family, I am having a hard time in prison because no one treats me like a human being for what I’ve done. I am living in complete despair. Even strangers find a way to come to an agreement. But we’re family. Plus, I know my suffering is not what you want. This is damage for the whole family. I miss you, my wife. Thinking about you makes me cry. It must be because I miss you so much. I really can’t end things like this. I can’t even die without knowing that I have paid my debt to you. Please… Just this once, forgive me…

— From B’s letter, mailed from prison

… and the viewers are simply shocked speechless. After the episode aired, netizens are sending a tremendous amount of support for A, who is now working on changing her legal name and moving on with her new life.

  • “I’m so glad that at the very least, she had her younger brother.”
  • “I really want the best for A from now on. She only deserves happiness.”
  • “This is so fucking disgusting, I cannot believe what I just watched… Please let A be happy forever from now on.”
  • “I can’t even imagine how difficult life must have been for A… And I wish her all the best from now on, out of that hell hole.”
  • “This made my heart shatter into pieces. A, I’ll keep you in my prayers. I will wish for your recovery and happiness.”
Source: THEQOO and YouTube