Cute Japanese Schoolgirl Enters The Shower, Comes Out A Completely Different Person

Appearances are not always what they seem.


Truer words have never been spoken, especially when it comes to the world of “crossplay”.


Twitter user 1293maron has been garnering a ton of attention for his transformation into a convincing crossplay costume.


You see, this is what he actually looks like once he’s showered and removed his entire costume.


A far cry from the cute anime girls he so convincingly portrays.


Crossplay is a form of cosplay that involves the cosplayer dressing up as a character of the opposite gender.


Men who engage in crossplay and post pictures of themselves out of costume often get a lot of flak from fans who knew them as cute anime girls…


Not young men with 5-o’clock shadow!


Thankfully, however, 1293Maron’s followers have been largely supportive and have even asked for skincare tips because of his nearly flawless skin.


So, next time you see a cosplayer that looks like this:


Don’t be surprised if 1293Maron is actually underneath!


Source: @1293Maron

Source: @1293Maron