This Cute Moment Captures The Difference Between Korean And Japanese Idols

K-Pop and J-Pop are totally different in this one aspect.

From music style to fan culture, there are many differences between K-Pop and J-Pop. However, one adorable difference was once captured on camera between the members of Girls’ Generation and AKB48.

| @tiffanyyoungofficial/Instagram

The average height of Girls Generation is 164.6 cm (5’4.8″), making them on the shorter side for a K-Pop girl group.

However, when standing on stage at the Japanese music program Music Station, they are towering over the female Japanese celebrities.

| Music Station

In the photo, Girls’ Generation is standing next to AKB48. Despite being considered petite in Korea, the members of Girls’ Generation seem to be quite tall by Japanese standards.

The cute interactions between the groups make their stark differences even more apparent!

This moment with both groups on stage is too precious!

| Music Station

Check out their noticeable height difference in their collaboration stage below.

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