Daegu Man With COVID-19 Ridiculed Online for Not Infecting Anyone at a Club, Bar, and Restaurant in Busan

The Daegu man visited a club, bar, and restaurant with COVID-19, but no one was infected.

A man from Daegu, Mr. A recently made headlines for visiting a club, bar, and sushi restaurant after being infected with COVID-19, but it has been confirmed that not a single person got infected by Mr. A.

But despite the relieving result, some netizens are making fun of Mr. A online.

Following Mr. A’s visit to various places in Busan, 145 people who made contact with Mr. A were put into quarantine.

129 people from the club, 6 people from the bar, 9 people from the sushi restaurant, and 3 others were tested for COVID-19, but not a single person received a positive result.

Many Busan residents are relieved by the result.

But netizens online are ridiculing Mr. A with comments such as “They said he partied at a club. If he didn’t infect anyone, does that mean he’s a total loner?

Another netizen commented,

If he couldn’t spread the virus in a club where people are in close proximity and at the most risk, that probably means he just stood in the corner and watched. Maybe he went to the bar, but all he really did was have some drinks and leave.

– Netizen

On the other hand, other netizens criticized such ridicule with counter-arguments such as “It’s a relief that no confirmed cases arose, so there’s no point in talking about this anymore” and “Maybe he did a good job wearing a mask and using a hand sanitizer that night“.

On April 17, Mr. A visited Busan from Daegu and visited a bar, a club, and then a sushi restaurant before going back home.

Four days later, Mr. A showed symptoms for COVID-19 and received a positive test result on April 23. The friend he was with that night also contracted COVID-19.

Source: Insight