Come And Get Your Groove On With MONSTA X’s #FANTASIAchallenge

Join the FANTASIA party and show ’em what you got.

In celebration of the release of their latest single, MONSTA X has taken to social media to start a new challenge for their fans.

Hosted on the short video app Tiktok, the six members of MONSTA X posted a dance challenge to their fans to the chorus of their latest single “FANTASIA” off of their FANTASIA X mini-album. They all gave it their all to show viewers their best moves to the upbeat song. In the video clips, members Joohoney and Minhyuk performed together, and Kihyun and I.M. did the same. Hyungwon and leader Shownu performed individually.

Unlike the fierce and intense live performances the group has become known for, the members’ dances to the challenge showed a slightly different side of the members. They did appear somewhat serious while dancing, but that seriousness was also somewhat comical, making their performances endearing. Even though the vibe of these dances is different than their live stages, it still showed the charismatic nature of each member.

“FANTASIA” is a powerful song with motivational lyrics and intense dance, one with a type of strong yet finessed choreography that MONSTA X has perfected.

The group announced that the #FANTASIAchallenge will end on June 10, and all members asked for fans to join in alongside them on it and show off their dances to the point moves of the song’s chorus’s choreography.

So Monbebes, are you ready to accept MONSTA X’s #FANTASIAchallenge and show them what you got?