Dancer Monika Breaks Stereotypes By Pairing Luxury Brands With Beautiful Tattoos For A Photoshoot

Chanel and tattoos. Badass.

Dancer Monika has been making waves for her incredible dance skills, and also for her unique fashion sense and tattoos!

She recently did a photoshoot with Chanel for W Magazine Korea. The pairing of the luxury fashion house and tattoos were both shocking yet beautiful to many.

Chanel is often known for their stylish and elegant vibe. They often make use of their signature tweed texture to bring out poised looks. Monika wears their tweet jacket with various accessories.

She made sure to highlight her tattoos by posing with her hands at focus.

As tattoos are known in South Korea to be associated with youth, freedom and often are misunderstood as a sign of delinquency, the way Monika expressed them through the photoshoot was groundbreaking.

She made the tattoos the highlight!

She’s standing true to her words for sure. During a previous interview with GQ Magazine, Monika stated that she wanted to change the impression that Korea has towards tattoos. Given that South Korean tattooists are super talented, she wants them to have a stage to shine locally. Hopefully, with this photoshoot, she will be able to do so!