Professional Dancers Fire Back At Netizens Who Think They Dance Too “Unrestrained” On Stage

Some people think their expressions are too much.

K-Pop dancers are professionals who are the cream of the crop in the dance world. They work hand-in-hand with K-Pop idols to deliver outstanding performances together.

YouTube channel AYO invited two dancers to spill the tea about their job to the public. Sara and Lee Bomin (A.K.A. Mandu) are professional dancers who have had years of experience in the industry, performing with stars like Chungha and making choreographies for the likes of Golden Child, ONEUS, LOONA, Rocket Punch, and more.

Sara (Left) and Lee Bomin (Right)

When a netizen commented that dancers sometimes have too many extra movements, they laughed.

I hate it when backup dancers are doing too much. Why would they do finger hearts when even singers don’t do it? That’s not what I went for. It’s annoying because it’s like they’re going to eat the camera up. That’s not the dancer’s duty at all.

— Netizen

Both girls shared thoughts on dancers who stand out on stage, readily defending their co-workers. They may not be the focus of the cameras, but they’re also allowed to have fun! Their high energy completes the stage and makes the performance even more exciting.

Some people tell us to restrain ourselves, but dancers do finger hearts and use their tongue because they’re enjoying the performance.

— Lee Bomin

They’re also not harming anyone or making the choreography any less perfect than usual.

Of course it would be a problem if they’re in the way of singers but it’s not that we’re causing harm to them.

— Lee Bomin

Dancers even have the ability to liven up the stage with every move. Sara was firm that a fun stage with big expressions is much better than a stage where the dancers have only one look.

I think the level of immersion decreases if dancers just look forward. It creates a synergy effect when we look at the camera together. We’re doing our best, being devoted to our role, not trying to stand out more than the artist.

— Sara

In the end, Bomin concluded by saying, “We need the energy overall and dancers fulfill that energy. That’s fulfilling our duty! Dancers always perform with artists with pride. I hope you’ll be generous with dancers.”

For more facts about professional K-Pop dancers, check out the full video below.

Source: YouTube