Kang Daniel Didn’t Realize Why Everyone Was Laughing At Him On Stage

He had an explosive hair moment.

At a WANNA ONE fan meeting in Macau, Kang Daniel had an explosive hair moment due to static electricity, during their performance of “Pick Me”.


His teammate Sungwoon noticed his hair sticking up in all directions and laughed out loud, pointing. Other WANNA ONE members caught on to what’s going on as well, and couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Kang Daniel was the only one who din’t realize what was going on!


Daniel kept looking at his teammates, confused why everyone was laughing. Fans could see what was going on, and couldn’t help but love his adorably messy hair and puzzled look on his face.


Some have nicknamed his new hairstyle Mindeulniel, which essentially translates to “Kang Dandelion”. This new nickname could stick with him for a while.

Source: @woojinikun


Curiously, he was the only one with electrifying static hair, leading fans to claim it was most-likely caused by his powerful stage aura. LOL.

Source: Insight

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