Dara And Minzy Reveal The 2NE1 Songs That Always Made Them Cry

The members rarely had a dry eye when singing the two songs.

Following her solo comeback with the track “TEAMO”, Minzy reunited with a former 2NE1 group mate.

Minzy | @_minzy_mz/Instagram

While appearing on STATV‘s Idol League, Minzy and MC Dara (also known as Sandara Park) looked back on their iconic songs and shared which ones often made them shed tears.

Dara, Minzy, f(x)’s Luna, and BTOB’s Eunkwang. | @daraxxi/Instagram

Highlighting two of 2NE1’s hit songs, MC BTOB‘s Eunkwang asked what meaning they held for the members.

Dara revealed, “We cried a lot while singing ‘LONELY’ and ‘I DON’T CARE’.” There was a particular reason why those songs caused such emotional reactions.

It was due to their precious fans. As Minzy nodded, Dara explained, “Fans always did surprises for us when we sang ‘LONELY’.” She then gave an example of the sweet words that touched their hearts.

Dara added, “They always said things like ‘BLACKJACKs are here for you,’” before imitating how heavy the tears used to flow. Minzy felt the same, agreeing that it was “one of the most iconic fan songs” when Eunkwang asked.

Although the group disbanded, the members still keep in contact and meet up.

2NE1’s reunion for Minzy’s birthday in 2021. | @chaelincl/Instagram

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